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Roofing Design is a Formula

Construction of Building + Building Uses + Owners Budget = Roofing System 

Premium Construction Products

Bell Sales Group represents some of the top roofing and waterproofing manufacturers in the construction industry.

Our Goal

Bell Sales Group is an independent sales rep for some of the industry-leading Roofing, Waterproofing, and Insulation manufacturers. We strive to work closely with architects, building owners, facility engineers, and consultants to come up with creative solutions. There is no "one size fits all" or "magic in a bucket" when it comes to roofing design. Each building has it own unique challenges and circumstances that need to be taken into consideration before installing any roofing system.  BSG has assembled a wide range of products that serve almost any roofing situation.


We at Bell Sales Group have been in the construction industry since 2015. We bring experience from the contractor, distribution, and manufacturing side of the industry. We believe that our years of experience have uniquely qualified us to assist building owners, designers, and contractors in all phases of roofing construction.

We are dedicated, hard-working business owners that give 100% effort to every project in order to produce the best results. Our goal is to match each project to the best possible product, system, manufacturer, and contractors. By doing this we can be confident that the end-user has the best solution for the individual needs.


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